The Land

Bricco delle Rose is surrounded by a land where history, literature and pleasure live together,
Alto Monferrato, between Cultivation and Culture, was declared a world heritage by Unesco.

The area of Bricco delle Rose presents more intimante and exclusive excellences:

  • the Bologna restaurant in Rocchetta Tanaro, where you can taste the plin live-made by Mariuccia;
  • Lingue di Suocera by Mario Fongo, one of the many Slow Food references;
  • the cellars excavated under the Canelli hills, real cathedrals of wine and the Berta distillery;
  • the Barbera and Moscato vineyards; the wine museum in Bersano;
  • the antiques market in Nizza Monferrato;
  • the Gregorian chant in San Secondo collegiate church;
  • the countryside festivals where you can meet a popular knowledge of quality and tradition.